Installation Considerations

The Humidicore™ is a counter flow heat exchanger. Therefore, it is mandatory that the direction of incoming fresh air flow is opposite to the exhaust flow (see Figure 1-1). It doesn’t matter which side is assigned to which flow, only that the two sides be in a counterflow arrangement.

Principles of Operation
Figure 1-1

The Humidicore™ may be installed in any orientation but it must be arranged so that condensate cannot collect in the unit. Thus, the saturated flows (fuel cell side) should slope down away from the Humidicore™.

Liquid water will not permanently harm the Humidicore™ but will reduce effectiveness.

Therefore, it is necessary to install a water separator between the Humidicore and the fuel cell exhaust. Other water traps may also be needed if lines carrying moist flows leave the Humidicore™ on an incline. Condensation in these lines can run back into the core and reduce performance.

The motor shaft is sealed but all seals leak a little so it is best to mount the unit with the motor on top or horizontal. Mounting the motor on the dry end is usually better than mounting it on the fuel cell or wet end. The motor end should not be arranged on the bottom, wet end as any leak will ultimately drip into the motor.

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Performance Data

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