About Emprise Corporation

Engineering Custom Test Equipment, Test Stands and Test Facilities Since 1981

Emprise Corporation is an engineering consulting firm serving the automotive, aerospace, industrial and alternate power industries. Emprise Corporation has earned an international reputation for developing and designing test facilities for a wide range of industrial needs. We apply innovative engineering techniques to create unique designs, then we fabricate, install and commission specialized test facilities.

Whether working with data acquisition and control systems, test stand equipment or test cell support systems, Emprise uses a broad range of experience to create innovative engineering solutions.


Emprise has extensive experience designing test stands for jet engines and aircraft components such as APU’s, starters, actuators and gearboxes. Learn More.

Alternate Power

Emprise test equipment helps you lead the way to new power sources, such as fuel cells, wind turbines, solar Stirling engines and microturbines. Learn More.

Containerized Test Equipment

Containerized test systems save time and money in a wide range of applications. We have specialized designs for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and alternate power industries. Learn More.


Humidicore™ Fuel Cell Humidification System offers high effectiveness in a compact size. Learn More.


Dynamometer test cells for engines and transmissions are our specialty but we also offer component test stands for fuel pumps, turbochargers, heat exchangers, etc. Learn More.


Emprise also serves test needs for such equipment as combustion turbines, compressors, pumps and many other industrial products. Learn More.


The Emprise anemometer was developed for use on automotive heat exchangers, but is ideally suited to a variety of flow measurement applications requiring compact and rugged instrumentation. Learn More.

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The Humidicore™ was recently selected as one of R&D Magazine's top 100 Most Technologically Significant Inventions of the Year.

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Performance Data

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