Motor Options

The Humidicore™ depends upon a reliable motor to turn the core. Core rotation speed controls the outlet dew point. A variable speed motor is usually desired, although some fuel cell plants work fine at a fixed speed.

Brushless DC motors work best because of their long lives and non-sparking characteristics.

Emprise offers three motor models:

Manufacturer Speed
(dc volts)
(M-K) 0-55 15 12 to 36 24
(BMC) 0-40 30 12, 24, 48 50
(BMC) 40 30 12,24,48 50
(BMC) 0-60 60 12,24, 48 111

The chart below illustrates the outline dimensions of these motors. The torque requirements of the various cartridge sizes are as follows:

Nominal Core
Power Consumption
4 10 16
6 15 25
8 20 35

Any motor that meets these requirements may be used.

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Performance Data

Performance Data

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Sizing Chart